Terms and Conditions

• The orders should be placed  least 5 days before the actual date to ensure proper processing and delivery.

• In the event of a *Hartal / * Bandh we will deliver your gift the day before the *Hartal / * Bandh the very next day after it.

• We will start the order processing only after receiving the payment.

• To ensure accurate and on time delivery, please make sure that you provide the following…..

* Landmarks of your location,* Accessible Land phone number (example – 0469…… ) & *Mobile number  (example – 944732…. ., At least 2 number )

• The same day delivery is not possible on Hartal / * Bandh .

• Order Changes:

Change your order, Please contact Customer Service +919447359614 , +919447329614 or Email  info@marvellousgift.com Changes can only be made 2 or 3 business days or more prior to the scheduled delivery date.

• Duplicate Orders:

If you placed two or more identical orders and you let us know about it, you will receive a full refund for the duplicated order, provided that the local florist does not make and deliver the item.

•Payment Options:

We support Western Union, PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer. We encourage you to place your order online for the fastest possible service, but if you prefer, please feel free to call in your order. You can reach us at +91 9447329614, +91 9447349614 , +91 9447359614.

• Condolence Flowers (Special Service):

We have funeral flowers service to comfort and express your Condolence directly to your immediate family member, close relatives, friends or colleagues. Please contact our customer service for more information about any kind of additional special services.

• Delivery to Wedding Hall :

Gift items to Wedding Ceremonies Hall, we may not be able to assure the delivery to the bride and groom. However, we shall ensure that the delivery is made to one of the responsible member. Also, if possible we shall provide you with the name of the recipient through our order confirmation mail.

• Delivery Time:

The precise time of delivery varies and depends on the schedule of our delivery personnel. In some cases, however, we are able to guarantee morning or afternoon delivery. If this is the case, you will be notified during the purchase process.

• Incorrect Delivery Information:

As stated above, if you have given us incorrect delivery information, we cannot offer guaranteed delivery. You will be given the opportunity to adjust the information up to two business days before the delivery date. If our delivery personnel report that the delivery address is incorrect, we will attempt to contact you and acquire new information. We will not be liable, however, if we are unable to make a delivery due to incorrect delivery information, and we will not be able to issue a refund.

• Undeliverable Locations:

Orders to Office or hospitals addresses are not guaranteed, but in most cases arrive as requested. If your delivery is going to such a location, please provide the name and telephone number of the hospital or Office. In the case of hospitals, we also need the recipient’s ward and room number.

• Availability of Items and Substitution:

We accept orders for items subject to availability. If for any reason the items you ordered are no longer available, we will contact you using the contact details you supplied when placing your order. we may Offer you an alternative item of equivalent quality and price if this is possible or Cancel the item from your order and give you a full refund in respect of that item or If we are unable to contact you or do not receive a response from you, we will process any remaining items on your order and refund you for the items we were unable to supply.